Glamor stands as an upscale massage shop nestled in Bangkok's Sukhumvit 31.

rooms and suites

All our rooms feature a Moroccan style interior design that boasts elegance, luxury and glamour all in one.

Standard Room

Maybe your first experience to know Glamor, time flies fast but you will want to come back for us soon.

Gorgeous Room

You start to realize how amazing experience you can have in Glamor to left all problems behind your mind.

Exclusive Room

The only unique 1 room in Glamor. Enjoy the special time and we are sure to see you soon again.

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Best Luxury Massage in Bangkok

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*Our Services Include

At Glamour Massage Shop, we specialize in Nuru massage, Sexy massage, Special massage, and Erotic massage. Our professional massage therapists are here to provide you with the ultimate relaxation experience in Bangkok. Whether you are looking for a stress-relieving massage or a rejuvenating full body treatment, we have the perfect service for you.

Nuru Massage

 Experience the sensual and therapeutic benefits of our Nuru massage.

Sexy Massage

Indulge in a relaxing Sexy massage to relieve stress and tension.

Special Massage

Our Special massage is tailored to meet your individual needs.

Erotic Massage

 Discover the ultimate relaxation with our Erotic massage services.


Discover the Sensual Art of Nuru body slide massage At Glamour Massage Shop, we offer an exquisite Nuru body slide massage, designed to provide a unique and deeply relaxing experience. This massage technique, originating from Japan, involves the use of a special, slippery Nuru gel and full-body contact to create an unparalleled sensation of relaxat

Experience the Ultimate Relaxation with Nuru Gel Massage At Glamour Massage Shop, we specialize in Nuru Gel Massage, a unique and deeply relaxing experience that combines the benefits of traditional massage with the luxurious touch of Nuru gel. Our highly trained therapists use authentic Nuru gel, ensuring a smooth and soothing massage session that

Discover Ultimate Relaxation At Glamour Massage Shop, we offer an Authentic Nuru massage that promises a unique and deeply relaxing experience. Originating from Japan, Nuru massage is known for its smooth, full-body contact technique that enhances relaxation and rejuvenation.   What Makes Our Nuru massage Special? Genuine Nuru Gel: We use high

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